Oil level gauge and relay

This product is designed as the micro switch makes or brakes by the up-and-down of a float moving according to oil level.

It is used for oil level control of cooling device for the bearing of the waterwheel generator shaft.

It detects abnormality of the oil level and makes a warning signal or a stop signal.

Catalogue (PDF)


TYPE FS-10 FS-13G-1FS-14G-1
Scale range(mm) -100~ +260
Size of flange JIS ø90,4-M12
Contact Upper alarm Lower alarm Upper alarm Starting signal Lower alarm
Switch circuit 1c 1c 1c 1c 1c
Adjusting range(mm) +30~+260 -20~-100 +50~+250 0~-100 -30~-100
Setting Level (mm) +260 -100 +250 -30 -100
Accuracy(mm) ±5
Electric specification Resistance Load※ 【for general】AC480V 10A DC125V 0.5A 【for DC】DC125V 10A
Withstand voltage AC2000V for 1 min.
Insulation resistance 500V megger,  100MΩ above
Conduit outlets G1/2 G1
Terminal screw size M 4 (P=0.7) M 5 (P=0.8)
Weight Approx. 20kg 13G-1:50kg above  / 14G-1:approx.35kg

※The product can be also manufactured by inductive load.
The other specifications are also available. Please contact us for further information.