Winding/Oil Temperature Relay

巻線/油温度継電器This product can be widely used as a measuring instrument for temperature management and control of transformer.  We have one type for “winding” that performs temperature management by using a heating coil and the other type for “oil” that detects and controls the oil temperature.  We can manufacture various types as you specify whether the maximum indication, alarm contact, and shut-off contact are provided.

Catalogue (PDF)


Temperature adjusting range 20-120℃ 、 0-100℃
Temperature indicating range 0-120℃、 0-100℃
Accuracy ±2℃
Minimum division 2℃
Voltage of supporting power supply AC100V、AC110V、AC200V、AC220V、DC100V、DC110V
Cooler control contact capacity AC250V 5A (resistance load)
Alarm & Trip contact capacity DC125V 0.3A (resistance load )
Withstand voltage AC2000V for 1 min
Weight Approx.20kg

※The “RE type” that is smaller and more lightweight than the RB type is also available(Weight:Approx.7kg).