Thermometer for Transformer


The vapor pressure type thermometer has the fastest instruction response function among metal thermometers and is not affected by ambient temperature. Therefore, this thermometer is widely used for temperature monitoring in important facilities. Capillary tube can be extended up to 50m at manufacturing.

【 Type:MI/ME 】

Catalogue (PDF)


Temperature indicating range 0~100℃ 0~120℃ 0~150℃
Minimum division 1℃ 2℃
Accuracy ±1℃ ±2℃
Contact 1 contact or 2 contacts
Indication for Maximum Temp. with / without Pointer for Maximum temperature
Contact capacity 0.3A DC125V (L/R=40ms),0.3A AC250V (pf=0.4)
Withstand voltage AC2000V for 1min.
Material of Case Type MI : FC /  Type ME : AC