Pressure Gauge (Ordinary Type)

Pressure gauge of standard type for general use
This pressure gauge is designed and manufactured in conformity with JIS B 7505-1 :2007 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge Standard. Various types of pressure gauge can be manufactured according to the installation place, fluid type, etc.

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Size 60 75 100 150 200
External Shape A (Rimless type), B (Circular rim type), D (Embedded type)
Classification according to use Ordinary type, Ordinary type for steam(M), Heatproof type(H),

Vibration-proof type(V), Heatproof/vibration-proof type(HV)

Accuracy Class CL1.6 CL1.6 or CL1.0
Connector Screw G・R1/4 G・R1/4 G・R3/8 G・R3/8   G・R1/2
Pressure range Pressure gauge <minimum>0~0.05MPa   ~   <maximum>0~70MPa
Vacuum gauge -0.1~0MPa
Compound gauge <minimum>-0.1~0.1MPa  ~  <maximum>-0.1~3.5MPa
Materials Stock C3771BD, C3604BD, SUS304, SUS316, or SCS14
Bourdon Tube C6872T or SUS316TP
Shape of Connection Square(T)
Parallel Faced(U)
Additional Specification degreasing, gas leakage test, throttle screw, piercing for setting, fitting, blowout hole, special coloring on scale plate, indicated document,  etc.

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