Oil relief valve

This product is used in the sealing oil unit of the hydrogen cooling type generator in power stations operated by combined cycle method, and to prevent pressurization to the oil flow inlet of the Differential pressure regulator keeping the pressure at the oil pump discharge port at an optional fixed value.

Catalogue (PDF)


Maximum flow rate 350 L/min 160 L/min
Ordinary flow rate 220~340 L/min 60~150 L/min
Adjusting range of operation 0.54~0.88 MPa 0.54~0.82 MPa
Operating accuracy ±5% ±5%
Size of flange JIS B 2220 16K 65A JIS B 2220 16K 40A
Ambient temperature 40 ~65℃ 40 ~65℃
Valve type single valve disc single valve disc
Weight Approx.17kg Approx.17kg