Differential pressure regulator

This product is installed in the supply oil piping system to supply higher oil pressure than the in-machine hydrogen pressure to the generator shaft sealing section in order to prevent the hydrogen cooling type generator in power stations operated by combined cycle method from leaking. This valve is operated so that the differential pressure from the inside of the machine may always be kept on a certain level.


Catalogue (PDF)

The valve satisfies the following oil pressure and oil amount.

Pressure on the inlet port side of the Differential pressure regulator Regulator-detected pressure for in-machine hydrogen pressure Differential pressure between the regulator-detected pressure for sealing oil pressure and the regulator-detected pressure for in-machine hydrogen pressure Sealing oil amount
0.2MPa 0.005~0.06MPa 0.01~0.05MPa 18~60 L/min
0.55~0.73MPa 0.005~0.44MPa 0.01~0.10MPa 18~150L/min


Differential Pressure adjusting range 0.01~0.1MPa
Ambient temperature 40~65℃
Maximum leakage at valve closing 0.1 L/min
Size of flange JIS B2240 10K
oil flow inlet and outlet flange:40A(1・1/2B) bellows shell flange:20A(3/4B)
Detector of differential Pressure Bellows
Valve type Poppet valve disc
Seal Bellows
Weight Approx.35kg