Gas detector

Gas detection for inside transformers.

 The product attached with the top of the conservator or pressure relief pipe of a transformer using a rubber bag type conservator, it detects gas generated when there`s an internal abnormality in the transformer.

Type of GLD

Catalogue (PDF)


  G1 G2 G3 G4
Type Normal type Gas extraction type Normal type Gas extraction type
with Valve with G1/2adapter with Valve with G1/2adapter
Kinds of contact Normally-open contact Change-over contact
Operating gas quantity 450±50㎤
Contact capacity  AC250V/5A DC125V/0.5A
Withstand voltage AC2000V /1min
Insulation resistance More than 100MΩ by 500V megger
Ambient temperature -30~+90℃
Paint color Munsell color system N7
Weight About 4.0kg